And how was your week?

I was looking forward to this week if only because it was a 4 day work week. This morning I vowed to turn off my cell phone this weekend and take a real break from work because that rarely happens. I need to enjoy my kiddo and the daddy person and just. be. I really need to start reminding myself that the one consistent thing in my life is that things never go quite as planned…

My inspection sticker expired in April and I literally have not had any time to get it done. In all of my multi-tasking glory I took it to an oil change/inspection place that’s about a block from my office. Asked if I could drop it off for the inspection and oil change and come back later. Kid says no problem. I tromp through the hot parking lot mentally patting myself on the back because not only am I getting something done that should have been done months ago –  but I’m also going right back to work and getting caught up. Good plan, good plan.

I go back to get the car about an hour and a half later. It’s sitting in the parking lot with a shiny new sticker so I think all is well. I go inside to pay and another guy comes to check me out. He just charges me for the inspection. Being the decent human being that I am – I remind him I also got my oil changed. He looks at me for a moment and starts to ring it up. I ask if they even changed my oil. He shrugs and asks what car it was again. They did not. At that point there was a two hour wait so I thank him and leave.


Now I’m going to spend part of my lazy, pajamas, nothing I have to do today Saturday getting my oil changed.  

Life has been a total roller coaster the past few weeks. I am a tough person mind you. I can handle a lot of stress and a lot of intensity at once and survive. But lately I really feel like I’m going to break. Something as small as that today made me want to stomp my feet and throw a tantrum Katelyn style. Being an adult is hard. Being someone’s mom is harder. And being that someone’s mom while also metaphorically being a mom to 35 other little people is worse. 

Something has got to give. And soon.  

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One thought on “And how was your week?

  1. Melanie @ Thinking Thin Loving Food says:

    Why is it always the small things get us all wound up the most? So true, so true.

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