Blog. Blog. Blog.

I blogged some insanely formative years of my life years ago and really enjoyed it. And then I grew up. 

And then I realized growing up is overrated.

It’s funny how life works isn’t it?  

So we’ll try again. 

Who am I? Does anyone even care?

First and foremost – I’m mom. I’m mom from the second I wake up until the second I go to sleep and even in my dreams. Becoming a parent literally consumes who you are and almost four years into this I’m still not sure I’m okay with that. 

Example: Today I was looking at my daughter and literally stopped and thought why on Earth I named her what I did. I mean, really? Why did I think it was a good, strong, viable name. And her name isn’t even that bad. 

I’m also mom to two beautiful, perfect puppies that are quite the odd couple. They’ve been hanging around since 2003 and 2004, respectively and they have been my best friends, cuddle buddies and biggest supporters. 

And then there’s the cat. Here’s another example – why in the hell did I adopt The cat is mean. She is not your average cuddly purring cat. She hates me. She hates when I clean out her litter box. She hates when I try to pet her. I’m not sure why because I did save her from a certain fate of being put to sleep after all. 

And then I’m a fiance. I think. We’ve been engaged for 3 years with no wedding date in sight. I think being unmarried is kind of our thing. And I think we’re okay with that. 

I’m a social worker by day. And also by night. Because my job never really stops. I have a love/hate relationship with work. Some days I feel like I’m making a difference and other days I feel like I’m dying a slow death. In my spare time I’m also a huge advocate for animals and sometimes I find that WAY more fulfilling. 

I titled this blog superherogirl. It makes sense to me for more reasons that I care to go into in my first “I’m back blog” post. But there is one line that made me smile 10 years ago and still does “stupidly sarcastic hyper spastic.” 

Some things never change. 


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