My life as a (non) Mrs. and other fun things.

I’m avoiding laundry and cooking today instead. Ribs, potato salad, corn on the cob. Summer picnic food minus the picnic. 

We’re heading to Portales, NM on Wednesday for Ila Jean’s funeral on Thursday. 4th of July plans will be vastly different but I think we’ll enjoy Small Town USA celebrations anyway. I looked up her obituary last night to give to my parents so that they could send flowers and found something even more surprising. Considering my track record with Google lately, it was a welcome surprise.

Mayor pro tem? Active community members? Who knew. I certainly didn’t. I will have to continue digging so that I can provide Katelyn with lovely stories about them when she is older. 

I don’t remember functioning without Google and that scares me. I definitely use it multiple times a day. Which brings me to my next funny story…

Sam was cleaning out the garage this weekend and found belongings of an ex of mine that we’ve stored and found and stored and found, so I decide this time it’s definitely time to track him down and return them.

I am still in contact with some of his friends however I hate to bug them for info, so I opt to Google him instead. First link I find? Charged with felony assault.


If there is one thing I thought I knew for sure about this guy was that he was nice! And not Most Wanted Felony Assault material. Panic. My mind creates about 50 scenarios in which this guy went off the deep end. And I was sad. I am a decent websleuth most of the time and use various means to track people down for work but I could not find anything about what had led up to the criminal charges. It was driving me crazy.

After a few hours of holy crap reacting, I finally start contacting people who know him and find out it was all a misunderstanding. Literally. Relief.

And I still don’t have an address for the guy!

At least I learned to Google with caution


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