Blood Pressure. Do better.

Apparently writing daily is proving to be therapeutic for me. Get ready people! Lots of aimless language ahead.

I had pre-ecclampsia when I was pregnant. It started around 20 weeks and ended with a nice emergency C-section, ankles the size of bowling balls, and 24 hours of magnesium. That stuff was no joke.

Now 4 years later I’ve been diagnosed with Stage 2 Hypertension. I’ve been told this is the “bad” kind. As in “you have the blood pressure of a very overweight, lazy, lard eating 75 year old man” except I’m none of those things.

Anyway, I started meds a couple of months ago. It makes me feel old taking a pill every day. And refilling them every month. On the plus side those pesky headaches stopped and I have a lot more energy and I’m probably not so much at risk for a stroke anymore. Anyway!

The past few days I’ve been kind of hazy which I attribute to the following: stress, exhaustion, emotional exhaustion, stress.

This morning I had court and I have to dress like a grown up, take an oath and testify. This too, dear readers (reader? anyone?) is serious business. Court is a frequent experience with my job and for the most part it’s not that bad.

Well. Today I kind of only half remember going to court. Eventually, I sent two e-mails thinking I had just thought about sending the first one. I checked later and I did, in fact, send two. Oops. At one point I wondered if someone slipped some marijuana or other goodies into my coffee though the likelihood of that happening is… well slim.

I mean – I remember being there. But it feels like a dream. Luckily I had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon and my I’m so stoned but not stoned situation became clear. 86/57. Hi low blood pressure!

Such a tricky situation. You don’t want high blood pressure. You don’t want super low pass out blood pressure either. I guess we’re going to have to tweak my meds.

Never the less I’ve had a Mute Math song stuck in my head for most of the day and it’s annoying and I might have to actually listen to it so that it will stop.

Be more, do more, check your blood pressure.

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