Shortly after K was born I started having a lot of weird symptoms. I lost all of the baby weight and then some within 2 weeks of her birth. I started having headaches and strange tremors, hair loss and the list went on. Ultimately after lots of doctors and lab work it was determined that I have some type of autoimmune disease. In order to be diagnosed with Lupus you have to meet a specific criteria and I’m one short on that list. After arthritis was discovered on my spine and another test called the HLA-B-27 was positive it was termed Ankylosis Spondylitis. Try saying that three times fast. I was put on a prescription that literally wiped out my white blood cell  count thus making me sicker than normal, more of the time.  I went to a couple of Rheumotologists for awhile before deciding the only way I was going to feel better was if I was better to myself. And for the most part it’s worked out okay. I transferred from one stressful position to another that at the time was less stressful. I got on a sleep schedule. I started eating better. My immune system started recovering from the meds I had been on.

Unfortunately, the stress of the past few months has finally caught up with me in a big way. I’ve had fairly consistent ear infections since K was born. They got so bad I ended up having “sinus” surgery to try and reduce the severity of them. I really want my money back. I started getting congested over the weekend but figured that was due to traveling and playing out in the rain. My ears never even felt like they were jumping in on the action until I woke up at 3 am Wednesday morning with the most awful, stabbing pain in my right jaw and ear. I paced the house for awhile, tried several of my favorite go to home remedies and finally fell back asleep in the recliner on a heating pad at 5 am. Had to be up at 6:30 to travel for court hearings and the morning was less than pleasant. I managed to get out of court early enough to make it back in town to my PCP. Not only did I have an ear infection but my ear drum had in fact decided this would be a good time to rupture.

A shot and a prescription for pain meds and antibiotic and I was starting to feel pretty optimistic about this whole mess. My ear has been displaying an impressive show of sounds. Clicking, banging, ringing, beeping and my favorite I’ve termed “boat motor.” I woke up Thursday and felt something coming out of my ear onto my face and was excited thinking the fluid was draining and I would be on the road to recovery only to go to clean it up and discover that it was blood. Straight blood. Coming out of my ear.

Momentary freak out.

Now I can’t hear anything from my ear aside from the before mentioned sounds. I have laid around the house for 2 days doped up, dried out and it has been glorious. I think it’s so unfortunate that the only break I can get from my job is when I’m too sick to function. My phone has been ringing and I’ve been politely ignoring it. I can’t hear the people on the other end very well anyway.

I’ve slept a lot. Watched a lot of crappy TV and even caught up on my DVR list without interruptions for Dora, or Max and Ruby or Tosh.0.

I’ve also been dizzy and sick to my stomach but that’s a small price to pay for a little peace and quiet.

Yay sick days!

(though I won’t be saying that by Monday if the vertigo is gone. I’m going to literally be drowning when I get back.)

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