Officially deaf. I think.

Went back to the PCP today for an ear re-check. I advised that although the majority of the pain has subsided it is still aching and throbbing and almost feels wet at times.

PCP takes a look – makes some interesting mmhmm sounds and advises that there is still infection, still blood and apparently some nice scar tissue developing. He sent me over to the hospital to have a hearing test. Right now I have 90 decibel loss right now. Not sure if it’s that significant but I do know I cannot hear out of that ear so we’ll assume it’s at the very least – not good.

Back to the ENT I go. I politely advised I will not be going to the ENT that did my surgery last year and got referred to a new one. Still waiting on the appointment date.

Autoimmune disease be damned. I’m pretty frustrated about this mess. So it’s another round of antibiotics and we’ll take it from there.


— Posts like these remind me that I lead a really boring life and that’s probably a good thing.


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