How do you eat an elephant?

Apparently, one bite at a time.

So why, why, why do I feel like work is shoving the whole thing down my throat?

On one hand, having my awesomeness acknowledged not once but twice in the past few months is nice – it also means that I am first in line to take on large projects. Large media heavy projects.

Said project is something I just don’t think I have time for.

Not only am I gagging on more responsibility – I was LATE picking my child up. Late, late, late. Worst mom ever. I have not ever once been late. I drove fast. I ran down the hallway. I cried. She was fine. Mom fail.

To top that off – it’s the Daddy person’s birthday. Our present project failed miserably so it’s going to have to be late. And he has to work late today.

I got up early to make a special birthday breakfast. Waffles using his grandmother’s treasured recipe. He is normally in charge of waffles so I was apprehensive at best. K was not shy and not so politely told me “they are really yucky Mom!” I used a cookie cutter to cut them into hearts to make them seem a little bit more special than your average terrible waffles. We had to leave before Sam ate his so no idea if he liked them or not. I didn’t get to see him at lunch because I had to be out of town for work. And now he won’t be home until 8 (or later) and I have no energy to make dinner or any idea what he may even want for dinner.

So overwhelmed.


Edit: at least the dogs liked the waffles. They never let me down!

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