The kitten conundrum pt. 2.

According to the Daddy person – my evil plan worked. He may pretend that he is rational in regard to animals but after a few days of poor skinny, helpless kitty and he was as hooked as I was.

The truth is – I wasn’t planning on keeping her.  But after Beast Cat (AKA Roxy.. on a nice day) accepted her it really didn’t seem like such a bad idea. It’s not like we had to buy anything for new cat. And she is so skinny and sad.

Last night, however, things changed. Stray cat began throwing up. All. Over.  The.  House.

After ruling out any concerns and consulting our vet today she apparently is just not used to getting fed decent food consistently and probably got a little drunk on cat food.

Poor homeless cat.

She also still does not have a name. My vote was for Jasmine, Jazz for short. K likes Princess Meow Meow. Sam has decided he will be naming her and has given us a select few I will not repeat in public. Nothing mean, but none very flattering either.

So little cat has transitioned in well for the most part. She has no interest in going outside. She is not annoying. She has learned that cat food will come so she no longer tries to eat everything and anything. She is the total opposite of Roxy girl – you know nice, affectionate, appreciative. Roxy is such a snob.

In the next few days we will work on the dogs. Penny loves cats and cannot wait to get her hands (tongue?) on this one. Homeless cat however is terrified of the dogs. And probably with good reason.

I suppose it will all work out.

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