I’m ashamed of America.

Seriously. This whole Chik-fil-A thing.

I don’t care what the CEO believes. He can believe in and support whatever ideals he wants. I can believe what I want. That’s the beauty of free speech. Will I boycott Chik-fil-A because I don’t agree with him? No. But then again I don’t eat there often anyway – and it has nothing to do with what Chik-fil-A supports. Or doesn’t.

What really annoys me is the 50000000 Facebook status updates I’ve seen: I stood in line for 2 hours! I stood in line for 4 hours! Yay, I did something awesome!!

Really? You stood in line to purchase fast food. You opted not to boycott a fast food place. High five!

What you really should have been doing is meaningfully contributing to your community.  When I see these pat me on the back I went to Chik-fil-A Appreciation day posts bragging it makes me sick. Why don’t I see all of these people posting about public service, volunteering, cleaning up.  That might be commendable.

Buying a sandwich, sorry guys – it really isn’t.



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