When it rains, it pours.

Yesterday was one week since Penny left. I’ve stopped sobbing most of the time. The fact that Miles is sick has kind of forced me out of it. 

We went back for his re-check on Wednesday and had an X-ray and lab work. X-ray did not look good.  Lab work looked worse. Our vet advised he needed to stay. I did not sob. I asked if he would make it. She said it was too soon to tell. 

I walked in with my last living dog. I walked out with a gift bag of Penny’s ashes. 

When we got home I managed to get up enough courage to look inside. A cremation certificate, a candle, a letter and the Rainbow Bridge poem. And a beautiful tiny box that contained my girl. Katelyn immediately asked to see inside the box and we struggled to tell her what cremation is. We opened it.

And they were beautiful. 

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen ashes. I wasn’t sure what to expect. But they were Penny.

I was glad to have her home.

That night was rough because I was worried Miles would not survive the night.

I began calling the vet at 8 am and kept getting the answering service. Finally around 8:40 they answered. I was cautioned that he made it through the night but did not look good. He would have the ultrasound soon.

I had to go to a parent teacher conference at Katelyn’s school (who knew they start in a 4 year old class?!) and after I went to the vet to visit. I was again cautioned at the door that he has not gotten up. 




I walked into the room cautiously. I got on the floor in front of his cage. He stood up, tail wagging. The tech opened the door. He flew out into my arms knocking me over with kisses. His tummy had to be shaved for the ultrasound and he was embarrased by the lack of fur. We hung out for nearly an hour. He kept staring at the door and then at me. Ready to go home. 

The vet got back from lunch and said she was glad to see him up. Maybe he was pouting more than he was feeling bad. The ultrasound was better than we expected. No tumors, no blockage. His gall bladder and pancreas are swollen but not horribly. 

And he had to stay.

Katelyn and I came to Lubbock last night to dog/house sit for Mike. As guilty as I felt leaving Miles I know I needed to get away. It’s been nice to hang out with Banner.

And now I’m anxiously awaiting the vet’s office to open again – to see if he made it another night.

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