The last straw?

I’m seriously questioning a lot of things lately.

Let me sum up the past two weeks quickly:

Co-worker takes 3 week vacation. I get stuck taking care of her job. And mine.

Dog is sick. Have dog put to sleep. Immense guilt.

Other dog is sick. And hospitalized.

Bank account gets hacked. Card is declined at vet. Embarassment ensued. Thankful at 8 pm when I realize WHY the card got declined.

The very next day – I get a traffic ticket.

I sobbed. Over the ticket.

Thankfully, Miles is on the mend and got to come home. He’s still sicky but he’s working really hard at acting like himself.

And I am exhausted. I am burned out. I want to stomp and cry and hold my breath until I turn blue.

I could not wait for August to be over and September to creep in. Now September is shaping up to be as yucky as August.

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One thought on “The last straw?

  1. So sorry to hear that! It bugs me when coworkers take leave and I have to pick up their slack, too!

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