It’s been two weeks since the last good night with Penny. Tomorrow will be two weeks since I had to say goodbye.

It’s been one week since Penny “came home.” It’s been one week since I’ve broken down in tears.

And tonight I sobbed. I sobbed and gasped for air. When will I stop expecting her to come running when I get home? I really feel like this is all a horrible nightmare and I will just wake up and she will be here.

I think I’m back in the denial phase. I actually took a college class about the stages of grief. I hate that I can pinpoint the exact “stage” when I’m in it.

I think I would give almost anything to have just one more good day with Penny.

I’m so glad Miles is getting better. The time I spend with him makes me feel closer to her and it makes the bleeding hole in my heart feel less pronounced.

8 years is a long time to love. 8 years is a lot of days of kisses and tail wagging.

I don’t think I will ever get over her.

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