My journey with endometriosis probably started long before I knew. I struggled with a lot of issues and finally had surgery in June of 2004 that warranted a diagnosis of endometriosis and a horrendous decision to try Lupron therapy. Menopause at 19 was not fun! Nor was hearing I may never be able to have children without intervention.

Another surgery in 2006 actually brought relief for a time and now with an IUD after the birth of my daughter in 2008 my symptoms are manageable for the most part.

I cannot believe medical professionals are wasting time on studies like this one instead of looking for a cure, or less invasive forms of treatment. My battle with endometriosis really defined my early years of college and not in a good way. I was sick and in pain a lot. At times I truly felt crazy after several doctors didn’t take me seriously. I finally found a fertility specialist who did.

I still have some issues – last year a large endometrioma cyst ruptured and landed me in the hospital. Thankfully nothing is as severe as it used to be.

I used to stay up to date on treatments and research. Now as a mom with other responsibilities I haven’t really been.

Maybe I should just be thankful that it’s not debilitating like it used to be.

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