After the storm – literally.

We had a nice thunderstorm pass through earlier.

I’ve always loved the rain. My 4 year old personal meteorologist predicts it and prays for it a lot. We spend most of our time during storms outside basking in it – thunder or not. Tonight we danced on the deck and thanked God for the rain. Being in the middle of a horrendous drought in West Texas – it’s always a welcome sight.

As much as I love the middle of a storm – I love the quiet, clean feeling post storm.

I’m sitting here with this most peaceful, settled feeling that I’ve had in weeks. And I’m trying to enjoy every second.

A few months ago I went through something very challenging at work. I cried, I fought, I prayed. And nothing short of divine intervention happened.

And today it all ended in the most perfect way possible. A very sick little guy got a second chance at life and a family was complete. Even playing a small role in it – my heart is beaming with pride. There’s an undeniable period of excitement in me after an adoption. If only I could have them every day.

Being able to take part in these adoptions with kids that thought they would never be able to love or be loved again is truly a blessing. And as exhausting and stressful as it gets at times – it is so very rewarding. Some day I will be able to move on from this and know that I did really make a difference – even if it was just for one of them. One is enough for me. And my sweet sick baby might be the one.

After driving nearly 800 miles since starting out at 6 am yesterday I am exhausted. Emotionally, physically. My family needs me, I need me.

There’s only so much of me that I can give.

So some day this must end. For my sanity – for theirs.

But for tonight I will sit here quietly and count my blessings. I am blessed. We are blessed.

Life is good.

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2 thoughts on “Calm.

  1. Delana says:

    Beautifully shared! I also live in Texas and love a good thunderstorm! I remember when my boys were young that we would go outside and sing “Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord, let the earth hear His voice” whenever it would rain. Except, my little guys thought the song was…let the earth hear His boys. 😉 Blessings!

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